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Eti Elektrometalurjy Co.

1. Company Brief History: One of our participating Eti Electrometallurgy Co. was founded by a Turkish-French joint venture in 1958. Whole share of the Company was taken by Eti Holding in 1970. Finally in 2004, as being privatized, the company joined into the sharing of Aksu Group.

The center of Eti Electrometallurgy Co. is located on the high way between Antalya-Burdur which is 8 km far from the city center. The production plant is totally 338.260 square meters. However, Fethiye’s chrome mine production department has been taken place on the area of 373.395 square meters where the plant of chrome mine enrichment is located.

Today, Eti Electrometallurgy Co. holds a place between the first 500 exporters of Turkey.

2. Company Philosophy: Aim of foundation of the Company is to produce chrome ore in 12 mines (46.000 hectare) located around Muðla-Fethiye-Göçek and to enrich chrome in Fethiye then finally produce low and high carbon of ferrochrome for effecting sale.

The second aim is to produce carbide by the production plant located in Antalya in order to fill need carbide in Turkey and around.

Eti Electrometallurgy Co. has own quarsit mine in Alanya and Gazipaþa and calcareous mine in Antalya-Ortaova. The company supply mines regularly from these areas which are essentially used for production of ferrochrome.

Eti Electrometallurgy Co. is the one who produces low carbon ferrochrome and carbide in the country.

All productions of the plant are realized regarding by the standards of TS En ISO 9001-2000.

3. Company Capital: Eti Electrometallurgy Co. is a Turkish owner Company with domestic capital of $ 45.000.000.

4. Number of Employees: The Company has been employing 302 personnel internal and 310 personnel external, totally 612.

5. Sales and Exports: Annual revenue of the Company is $ 97.000.000 and exports which have been realized is $75.000.000.

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