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Our company have been mining Chrome ore from the open pits in Kayseri Province Tomarza County and from underground pits in Pýnarbaþý County, and exporting it after concentrating in the concentration plants pertained to our company.  Further, our company are proceeding to studies related with chrome mine sites around Kayseri and Sivas Provinces.

Iron ore, mined in Balikesir Province Havran County, are dimensioned in crushing and screening facilities. Ore mined are sold to ERDEMÝR AND KARABÜK IRON AND STEEL PLANTS, and to various Cement Plants in Aegean and Marmara Regions.

Zinc and lead mine ore have been mining from active underground pits in Kayseri Province Yahyalý County. Activities related mineral explorations by drilling are going on in Kayseri Yahyali and Balikesir Dursunbey licensed sites which the licences had been obtained from General Directorate of Mining Affairs of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

In relation to our mining sites having Zinc, Lead and copper mineralization from place to place in Balikesir Province Dursunbey County, Güğü and Aşamusalar Villages; Operating License had been obtained and Environmental Assessment procedures had been completed within the scope of Environmental Law and Environmental Effect Assessment Regulation. Business License had been obtained together with permits from Ministry of Forestry, thus; mining license procedure had been completed. In the site mentioned above; underground mining in company with open pits, and establishing a plant having 1000 tonne capacity per day for raw ore are scheduled. Commissioning studies and necessary investments are going on.

As a contracting service; pickling and coal production services has been performed for General Directorate of Turkish Coal Enterprises, Çan Enterprises Management by means of machinery having 3. 000. 000 m³/month pickling capacity. Our Company has excavator and loader having 250 m³ capacity, truck having 3000 m³ bearing capacity, grader having 3500 HP thrust and other equipments such as bulldozer, cylinder etc.

Kayseri, Tomarza, Iþýklar Village Chrome Mining Site: Chrome production is going on from present licensed sites. Chrome ore, mined in site mentioned above, are concentrated in our concentration plants within the boundaries of Tomarza Köprübaþý Village. Plants have 100.000 tonne ore processing capacity annually.

Akmezar Chrome Site: All licences and permit procedures had been completed in relation to site which is the adjacent to Iþýklar Pits and Köprübaþý Concentration Plant. Chrome ore, mined in site mentioned above, will be concentrated in Köprübasi Concentration Plants.

Pýnarbaþý Chrome Site: Ore, mined from underground pits in site, are processed in our Köprübaþý Plant like other produced chrome mines in other sites.  

Hematite ore is mined in the site. Low grade ore ( 40-55% Fe2O3) is sold to Ýzmir Çimentaþ, Balýkesir SET Cement, Thrace Çimentaþ, Göltaþ, Denizli Cement, TRAÇIM and Akçansa Ezine Cement Plant. High grade ore (over the 75 % Fe2O3) is sold to Karabük Iron and Steel Plants.

We have two different chrome sites in Kangal. Business Licences, Environmental Assessment Certificates and Operating licences of the both sites (Seçenyurdu and Yellice)  had been completed; further; permit transactions related with proprietary are going on for Seçenyurdu site. An application will be made related with business licences in pursuit of obtaining permits relate proprietary. It is targeted that 50.000 tonne concentrated ore annually are obtained from concentration plant to be established in Yellice-Çartil Location with 500.000 tonne annual capacity. Ore to be mined in both sites will be processed in this concentration plant.

In 2011; Production will be continued in Iþýklar Chrome Mining, Pinarbasi Chrome  Mining, Yellice – Çartýl Chrome Ore Site, Akmezar Chrome Ore Site and Ereðli Iron Mining, and production will be commenced in also Dursunbey Zinc – Lead ore and Seçenyurdu Chrome Ore Sites. The public tenders will be followed in 2011 and present equipment pool will be used.

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